What to do on a weekend in Cancun

Cancun is considered by many as a paradise thanks to its beautiful beaches of turquoise and crystalline waters with fine white sand, in addition to the tropical jungle that surrounds this landscape.

With all these natural beauties, we haven’t mentioned that Cancun has everything you need on your vacations so you can have a great time, such as: Mayan ruins, discos and first class clubs, as well as spectacular hotels.

That’s why here are 5 things you can do in Cancun if your stay is short.

What to do on a weekend in Cancun

Will it be possible to visit Cancun for a weekend? The truth is that yes, yes it is possible. But of course, in this case time is one of the main factors that we need to take advantage of to be able to “move” as fast as possible from one place to another.

For this reason, we invite you to book your transfer service with Cancun Cab. A fast and safe transportation agency that will help you “gain 2 extra hours” to enjoy Cancun.

Itinerary 1

First day

We suggest that you get up early to enjoy this day to the fullest, the best thing is to eat a fresh breakfast with local food that will fill you with energy, so that you will have enough time to do the remaining activities.

The next stop is at the Cancun Interactive Aquarium, located in Plaza La Isla in Cancun’s hotel zone; you should be there at approximately 10 a.m., in order to live a very pleasant experience swimming with dolphins.

Another activity you should do at the aquarium is to get to know the more than 1,195 species, which you can even see and touch.

At noon we invite you to visit the Plaza Comercial La Isla, it is a perfect place for shopping, it is outdoors which allows you to enjoy the beautiful views of the Nichupte Lagoon. There you can also have lunch at any of the food places that this center has for you.

After 3 o’clock in the afternoon there is nothing better than to continue the plan by visiting the Cancun Mayan Museum, which closes at 5:30 pm, so you will have enough time to observe the most important vestiges of the Mayan culture.

At 6 pm, we recommend you return to the Nichupte Lagoon to watch the sunset, a natural spectacle that will give an incredible closing to your first day of sightseeing in Cancun.

After spending some time watching the sunset and after so much walking you might get hungry, in this case we recommend you to visit any of the restaurants located in the tourist area, which have a wide variety of dishes for all tastes.

playa delfines

Second day

This day will also start very early, the recommendation as the previous day: have breakfast and fill the body with energy.

From 9 a.m. we suggest you to start your trip to Puerto Morelos Beach, which is located only 40 minutes away from Cancun. There you can snorkel, dive and even swim with dolphins.

Another highly recommended activity is a stroll through the town, which is very beautiful, or else have a delicious craft beer while enjoying a relaxing day at the beach under an umbrella.

It is really worth spending a great part of the day here, so you can get the most out of the water activities and enjoy the true beauty that Cancun has to offer.

By 3:00 pm you will be in Cancun and very hungry, so we suggest you enjoy a delicious meal at the Puerto Madero restaurant, a place located on the shore of the Nichupte Lagoon with unbeatable service and fresh food.

When you leave the restaurant, just 20 minutes away you can visit the Malecon Tajamar, an ideal place to watch the sunset in Cancun. It is a perfect place to walk and watch the second day of a weekend in this city come to an end.

Itinerary 2

For the next itinerary, we will have to save time with a transfer service. Why? Because we are going to the city of Tulum

Day 1

On the first day, when we arrive at the Cancun airport, the last thing we need is to waste time and that is why you already have your private transfer reservation ready.

The private transfer service will be waiting for us at the airport and once we see it, we will board the van to Tulum. This trip lasts one hour and 30 minutes.

Once we arrive at our hotel in Tulum, we check in and start walking around the city. This takes us a full day, because the town and the hotel zone of Tulum are magical with its streets, its beaches and its architecture.

tulum travel to cancun

Day 2

Tired of walking? Well, don’t relax yet because you have to go to the archaeological site of Tulum very early in the morning. This is one of the most famous sites in Mexico and all because it is built on a cliff overlooking the sea.

This takes about 2 hours to walk around and enjoy. What’s next? Of course: Now we will go to Coba, where you can also visit and enjoy this beautiful place hidden in the jungle.

To continue with your journey and take advantage of the return to Cancun, we will take the vans to Playa del Carmen which costs 2.5 USD. This vans leaves us at the famous Quinta Avenida de Playa. So we can take advantage of the ride for about 2 hours.

From here we can take another vans to Cancun and from Cancun to the airport. In a few words with this route you will have known Tulum, Playa del Carmen and Cancun.


Honestly Cancun is a small place which can be visited in less than a day, but the proximity to the Riviera Maya gives it the tourist life we know.

Well putting together the itinerary, you can visit Cancun in a weekend as you can see in this post and of course, combining destinations and places.

But, do you want to know a secret? If you book before coming all your activities, transfers and accommodations, you will be able to reduce costs, optimize your time and enjoy Cancun and the Riviera Maya even more.

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