B.C.A Correspondence

Make your career high with correspondence courses.  If you are unable to complete your education due to any reason,  switch to correspondence courses. BCA via distance mode is worth it for students. If you are interested in the field of Computer Applications,  then you can opt for B.C.A  Correspondence. will provide them with a lot of opportunities in the IT field.

Check out some key features which you get through a correspondence program

Get Skills:

In the field of computer applications, you need some skills.  Some skills will be acquired through this course. These include below mentioned skills.

analytical & reasoning ability

understanding of market trends

computer skills

time management



Time Flexibility:

This course makes you flexible in learning also.  For this, you do not need to have a hard study schedule. mostly the candidate’s set their schedule and can learn easily.  You can get enough time for doing something else.

Reasonable Fee and Cost:

These are the most affordable way to study the BCA course. You can get an education via distance mode. It will charge a fee of approx. 22,000 to INR 50,000  per year.

Earn While You Learn:

Now you can complete your studies while doing a job. You can meet other needs, by doing your job.  If you need to earn, it can be possible and easy by taking a distance BCA course.

Excellent Academics with professionals:

The curriculum of the BCA degree program is excellent with all the skills you require.  It is as per the new technology.  We all know the curriculum of the course to be the main thing, with correspondence courses as well you get the right education. It has the best faculty,  with a grading scale. You can get all the study material which is more important to be known.   You get online forms and study materials for the distance BCA online with an e-portal facility.

Get the right Placement:

B.C.Correspondence helps students find employment in prestigious companies. It helps them by providing quality BCA courses and getting record placements after completion.  You can join one of the best distance BCA courses in India.

Affordable Fee Structure:

The university has adopted a very nominal fee structure.  It is for all courses so that access and the right to education for all.  An affordable fee structure can be reached in the right place and to the required students.   Hence, it can also be available to the underprivileged parts of society.

Distance BCA is an undergraduate course and you can easily get all the material online.  The courses are available for 3 years. The course comes up with the learning of various skills. It includes computer programming, System analysis, and Networking. These days there is a huge demand for the course. There is an immense sector where students can be employed.  The students can get into the IT sector, Healthcare, Software, etc.

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