Small islands surrounded by water and boasting picturesque landscapes and verdant foliage are the epitome of quaintness. Sometimes they’ll have brightly colored animals on show, and other times they’ll be peaceful. They wanted to know what made them so unusual.

Many islands are out of the ordinary and will make you reevaluate your expectations of a perfect getaway in contrast with other islands. After then, the islands get weird. Despair and chills are what they provide. Let’s scroll down together.

Top 5 Weirdest Islands on Earth

The next are the top 5 mystery islands in the world that you should stopover in 2023. Have a look and see which one interests you the most. Strange islands included in the following list.

  1. Easter Island

Visitors, anthropologists, and archaeologists still travel to Easter Island because they perplexed and amazed by the sculptures the ancient Rapa Nui people left behind.

The mysteries of these Moai statues have mostly unlocked, yet there are still some mysteries for curious visitors to the Chilean archipelago to crack.

Researchers have now answered one of the most pressing questions about the Moai: how the Rapa Nui moved these massive stone statues around.

They found that the sculptures designed with pot bellies so that they could be rocked back and forth until the sculptures wiggled into the appropriate position.

However, the mystery of the Moai has nothing to do with the people who made them and everything to do with the Moai themselves. Researchers have shown that the Rapa Nui have separate genetic ancestry from the rest of the native South American tribes.

Even though Easter Island is in the Pacific, the Rapa Nui people are far distant from their relatives. Their closest genetic kin is the Pacific Islanders who live near Southeast Asia. Then what is the mystery?

Then, how did they get there? And how did they achieve to shape such advanced structures and develop their unique agricultural system at such an early time in history when they were geographically isolated from other civilizations with comparable accomplishments?

  1. The Island of Socotra

In the Indian Ocean, near the Somalian coast, there is a mysterious island that looks like it could be from another planet. Images of Socotra Island, which has been said to be the biblical Garden of Eden for a long time, make it easy to see why.

Several kinds of plants on this island are found nowhere else on Earth. The big bulbous trunks and small, twisted branches of the Adenium socotranum make it look like Dr. Seuss made it.

On the branches that grow from the tops of the trees, beautiful pink flowers bloom. They look strange, almost like they could be big root vegetables. If you want something more like a natural canopy, you could always go with a Dragon’s Blood Tree instead.

  1. The Bermeja Island

According to maps from the 15th century onwards, there existed an island in the Bay of Mexico off the shore of the Yucatan Peninsula. Bermeja Islet has traditionally considered the geographical limit of Mexico’s share of the Gulf, despite repeated mapping expeditions sent out in the 20th century to find it were unsuccessful.

Several potential causes for an island to appear on maps for over 400 years before mysteriously disappearing. Most modern academics agree that the island probably never existed because of a mapping error that was never discovered.

The island was said to be the color of strawberry blonde hair, and others believe it genuinely existed but are now submerge.

Evidence for this may seen on British maps from the 1840s, which show the island gradually submerged. Meanwhile, some people believe that the island’s disappearance and its political significance are more than coincidences.

Since the Gulf of Mexico is one of the most oil-rich places on Earth, some have hypothesize that the Mexican government has only kept the island to expand its claim strategically.

However, many believe the island existed but destroyed by the United States government for the same reason. There are also theories that the island still exists but has hidden from public view due to its association with classified projects.

  1. Palmyra Atoll

Even though it technically not an island but a coral atoll, Palmyra Atoll has a mysterious personality that cannot overstate. There are a few different names for beautiful Palmyra Island, which is between American Samoa and Hawaii.

Even though it surrounded by beautiful plants and seems untouched by people, the Lagoon or Island has been the subject of myths and legends for a long time. On and around the island, there have been a number of terrible shipwrecks and mysterious ship disappearances.

People who have lived on the island and kept an eye on it have seen ghosts, sea monsters, and lights that can’t explain. There were rumors that there were hundreds of thousands of sharks there, and some of them may have started to want to eat people.

The island might still be hiding Incan treasures, according to another myth. Palmyra is a marine and Pacific Islander myth that has been around for hundreds of years and is based on these and other events that are too horrible to talk about.

  1. Vulcan’s Home on the Island

Vulcan Island in the Philippines is beautiful, even if it’s not mysterious. Taal, a big lake in northern Luzon, contains Taal Volcano. This island contains Earth’s greatest Crater Lake, while Vulcan is in the lake. The Pacific’s most seismically active volcano is on Vulcan. Since 1991, Vulcan Island has been vibrating and boiling, making it exceedingly dangerous for visitors.

They appear to be ordinary trees from the ground, but their thick, closely spaced branches shoot skyward to form a cap resembling a mushroom. There are three endemic bird species to Socotra: the Socotra sunbird, the Socotra grosbeak, and the Socotra starling.

About one hundred years ago (a.d.), the island abandoned by its human inhabitants. Only bats and insects found on the island. Several ships have gone off the island’s coast, adding to the mystery.

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