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Do you want to display Google & Facebook reviews on the WordPress Business site? customer reviews encourage people to trust your website and buy from your company. custom wordpress website development services

 There are many third-party places where implicit visitors can see your reviews, but it’s also a good idea to display this content on your site. In this Blog, we’ll show you how to display business reviews from Google, Facebook, and Yelp on your WordPress Business site.

Why you should show company reviews on WordPress Business site

There are many different websites where guests can leave a review for your business, such as Google and Facebook. custom wordpress website development services however, indirect guests must visit these third-party websites to see reviews.

That said, it’s a good idea to add Google, Yelp, and Facebook reviews to your WordPress site for all to see. For example, you can show positive reviews about your WooCommerce products or us.

These testimonials can make guests trust your business, even if they haven’t purchased from you before. wordpress website development services You can use reviews to reduce bounce rates by adding them to your custom WooCommerce checkout.

How to Show Google & Facebook Reviews on WordPress Business site

You can easily copy and embed and display stylish reviews in your opinion with the customer review plugin. however, depending on the plugin you use, you may need to add new reviews manually, which can be time-consuming and inconvenient. wordpress web development services There will also be a delay between guest posting on sites like Yelp and Facebook and reviews appearing on your WordPress site.

With this in mind, it would be a good idea to create an automatically updated review feed using the Review Feed Pro plugin. This single plugin allows you to display reviews from all major review platforms.

It also comes with pre-designed templates so that you can display your reviews in various layouts, including exhibits, carousels, grids, etc.

The review feed automatically follows the design of your website, so reviews look like a natural part of your website rather than content from another platform. custom wordpress website development services First, you need to install and run the plugin. However, if you need help, check out our companion guide on how to install a WordPress plugin. Once activated, click on “Reviews Feed” in the menu on the left. You can also add the Reviews Feed Pro license key and click the “Spark” button.

How to Show Google Reviews on WordPress Business site

Google Reviews is another place where guests can review your business online. Again, certain ratings are important for instilling confidence. And getting transformations, but these ratings can also affect where your point appears in the hunting results.

Lots of positive Google reviews and high rankings can improve your company’s hunt ranking, especially in original hunt results. bespoke wordpress development Google also shows your ratings on applicable hunt machine affect pages.

By adding these reviews to your website, you can encourage people to visit your Google table and leave you a positive review. This can improve your WordPress SEO and the overall star rating shown in the applicable hunting machine results. That said, let’s see how you can add Google reviews to your WordPress website.

To get started, you need to produce a Google API key, so go to the Google Console and sign in with your Google account.

After logging in to the press, click “Google Home.” ’ When you sign in to the Google Console for the first time, you must also accept the terms and conditions. When that is done, click on ‘New project. You can now format a name for the design. custom wordpress development This is for reference only so you can use whatever you like. Once you’ve done that, click the “produce” button. 

After that, click on the outlined icon in the top left corner to open the menu. Choose ‘APIs and services’ and ‘Login details’ in the menu. ’ Go ahead and choose the ‘API Key’ from the drop-down menu. After a few moments, you will see a popup ‘Made API Critical’.

You need to add this information to your WordPress blog or website, so write it down. wordpress development services Due to negligence, all of Google’s API keys are unlimited. To prevent other people from using the API key, you must describe it by clicking the “Edit API Critical” link in the popup.

This will open a screen with all your Google API keys. Just find the key you just created and click on it. go to Changes Feed » locales. Under “cope API Keys,” click the pencil icon next to “Google.” Now that you’ve added an API key, you’re ready to create a feed of all your Google reviews. To do this, go to Feed Changes » All Feeds, and click on the ‘Add New’ button.

How to Show Facebook Reviews on WordPress Business site

numerous companies, websites, and online bazaars use Facebook to connect with their followers. Facebook also has its built-in editing system, so you may want to add these reviews to your website. wordpress service provider Unlike Yelp and Google, your Facebook page is yours, so this is also a way to boost your profile and get more followers on social media.

create a Facebook review feed, go to Reviews Feed » All Feeds. also, click the “Add New” button. In the pop-up that appears, click on ‘Facebook’ and also choose ‘Connect to Facebook’. ‘

Facebook will now show all the information that Smash Balloon can access and the behavior it can perform. wordpress plugin development services Smash Balloon will automatically take you back to the WordPress dashboard, where you’ll see the Facebook page you just correlated to your website. Just check the box next to the Facebook page and click the ‘Coming’ button as well.


We hope you like this blog. custom wordpress website development services These are all about showing Google & Facebook Reviews on WordPress Business sites. If you are looking for web design and development services and want to develop sites then contact 8therate.

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