GK Study plan for CLAT Exam

GK Study Plan for CLAT 2024: Current Affairs and GK syllabus for CLAT is relatively vast. You may find it difficult to cover or you may feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of topics. However, this is not the case. No need to read everything you come across.

The GK syllabus for CLAT and Current Affairs covers around 150 topics, and all you have to do is focus on them. Also, you need to copy the notes on the happenings in the news.

You have to focus on the subjects. Some may believe that covering 12 months of CA would be sufficient preparation. The truth is that you have to prioritize subjects more than deadlines.

In this article, we will share with you the month wise strategy. With this, you will be able to make the best GK preparation for CLAT exam. So, without further delay, let’s dive into the details.

GK study plan for CLAT Exam 2024

August: Onset of Preparation

Understand the Paper

You are suggested to start analyzing previous years papers for GK and Current Affairs section.

Also, you should divide and study it in sections. This means that you must make notes about the timeline, sources, depth of questions and topics covered in CLAT question papers.

It will clear your doubts regarding the sources and types of questions.

Start with Subject Classification

You need to analyze that what are the topics covered in GK and Current Affairs section. This means that you need to note down which topics are covered repeatedly.

These will be your areas of focus. The most important categories listed are:

  • International news
  • Economics
  • Science (Defence & Technology)
  • aerospace
  • Politics
  • legal
  • Environment (Global Summit)
  • Government Schemes (National & International)

Make Fact Notes

With fact notes, we refer to immutable facts and figures. These facts and figures are recorded and presented in the form of reports and rankings.

Like Hunger Index, Literacy Index, Per Capita Income Ranking etc. On the other hand, there are important dates like International AIDS Day, Earth Day, World Legal Services Day, etc.

You should make these notes and stick them on the cardboard wall as memos. It will help you in quick revision and remembering facts.

Check Your Growth With Mock Tests

For Current Affairs and GK, you don’t need to wait till the last moment before giving the mock test.

When you start your preparation then you should start taking CLAT mock tests series. This will help you to evaluate your preparation.

This will also help you analyze how good you are in the subjects you are preparing for and your chances of scoring well in them.

List the organizations and their headquarters

The general knowledge section often covers organizations and their headquarters. These include testing your memory and your awareness of international organizations.

So you are advised to include this section in your GK preparation for CLAT. For example, you will be asked to give the location of the headquarters of UN Women or UNICEF etc.

September: Second and more serious phase

You should practice more intensely in September than in the previous month. You need to gear up for the big day. Here’s how you need to plan your preparation for this month.

Attempt Pending Mocks

Start by taking pending mock tests, or you can say mock tests in which you have failed or scored low in the past. By practicing pending mocks you will be able to revise the topics. It will also help you to revise important notes, improve your score.

Revise Previous Month Notes

Revision is necessary to keep the information fresh in your mind. You are advised to revise the topics of the previous month at least 3 times. You should schedule this amendment for the 2nd, 7th and 28th day of every month; This way, you can learn new topics and revise previous topics simultaneously.

Cover More Topics

We have already listed that there are around 150 topics which are covered in CLAT 2024 GK & Current Affairs section. It is given that it is not possible to cover all the 150 topics in a month.

So in September, you need to cover the rest of the topics which you have left in August.

Solve Previous Month’s Topics

Never doubt while attempting the August Current Affairs mocks. You must be precise in your answers and must be confident in attempting the questions without any jitters or losing marks.

You need to keep revising and revising and attempting mock tests until you perfect that excellence where there is no chance of doubt.

October: Month of Celebration

It is said that if you are not able to celebrate this month then your exams may be difficult. That is to say, you must have built up confidence about solving GK and Current Affairs by October, else you will fall flat on your face. In this section, we will discuss the GK study timetable for CLAT in October.

Revise the last 2 months’ topics

Got notes for the last two months? Then what are you waiting for? Revise all the topics from CLAT syllabus that you have covered in the last two months.

You can also attempt mock tests based on those topics to strengthen those topics. It will help you analyze your growth and grill you on those topics.

Work on Weak Areas

This rigorous study timetable for CLAT 2024 should be enough to solidify your preparation. However, if you face some issues with certain topics, then you are advised to work on them exclusively.

You should give extra time to learn and revise those sections to solve those questions confidently in the exam.

Score Well on Factual Questions

Facts and figures are something which are universal and are not going to change in any situation. In addition, they have exclusively legal significance. That’s why you should memorize them so that if you are asked even in your sleep you can answer them immediately (kidding).

Analytical Question

Never miss out on practicing analytical questions. These are mostly passage based questions based on current trends or general knowledge. In these questions, you have to analyze and understand information in a fairly quick response. Otherwise, you may miss even the easiest questions. For this to increase your speed, and for the important exercise of logical reasoning, you are ready to go.

November: Step up your preparations for the big day
This is the fourth month in a row that you are preparing for CLAT 2024. This month you have increased the frequency of activities that you have been doing for the last 3 months. Let us see what they are, and you can make your GK & CA preparation unbeatable.

Increase Spurious Frequency

Practice CLAT mock tests regularly. You need to put to practice the knowledge and information you have gained in all these 3 months. Also, practicing mocks continuously will make you familiar with the exam pattern. This will help you to reduce your stress regarding the types of questions and applications that you need to apply to solve your questions.

Rigorous Revision for 120 Subjects

Focus on whatever topic you have been studying for the last 3 months. Every topic, every note, every memo you’ve created. Revise all of them one by one. Make sure that you can actively recall all the facts, figures, news and information that you read. Only then it will be considered ready.

3 Day revision for each month’s topics

Make an alternate routine to revise the content every month; That way, you’ll maintain consistency in your revisions. Also, you will not get tired of reading the same thing over and over again. This three-day trick will help you revise all the 120 subjects in one go without putting any weight.

December: The End Game

This is the last month when you will face your biggest challenge. CLAT 2024 for which you have been gearing up for so long. There are some activities that you have to complete this month as well, so that you can finally face your paper without doubting about your preparation.

Time management

If you do not know how to manage your time in CLAT then you will lose the game. We have already mentioned that though the difficulty level is moderate, CLAT is famous for its notoriously long passages.

So, if you are not equipped with time management skills, you will lose out on scoring well.

Last modification

There is one last time for everything. Same is the case here. There is one last thing you must prepare before you test yourself in the CLAT exam hall.

This revision will help you to remember everything that you have studied earlier. Also, it will help you to actively remember all the collected information. In this way, you can mark your answers without any hesitation or doubt.

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