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Fashionable bags

Business bags have become fashionable and useful thanks to Bag Affair, which focuses on women. There are excellent Balenciaga handbags out there with exquisite designs, a variety of colours, and flawless finishing. When it comes to business bags, however, the offer is geared toward men. Offering a large selection and excellent storage options- but the look is also masculine.

The initial Balenciaga handbag category

In the past, men’s handbags were considered accessories. For instance, Judas Iscariot was the first person to own a purse since the Bible records that he was carrying a bag. Same goes for African priests who, in the days before women, carried their possessions about in beaded bags.

The earliest purses that both men and women used to complement their outfits were pouches, which were worn on the side of belts or on girdles during the 13th and 15th centuries. You have undoubtedly seen this in a movie or television series. Throughout the middle ages, men in particular did utilise little pouches to keep money and valuables together. Smaller bags did signify style and class; if you were in a high position, carrying a tiny bag was sufficient. You did carry shoulder bags or larger sizes when you were travelling or hunting—doing so signified hard effort.

Bags have a lengthy history dating back to prehistoric times. When they were merely the length of an animal skin or hide. Eventually evolving to incorporate cotton or woven textiles, much like men’s leather coats and the several forms of women’s apparel.

The bag was simply rolled up from the edges inwards and kept in place. Using strings and chords made of the same materials of the time so there wasn’t any form. The capacity of leather bags to carry several loose goods and materials that would be hard to carry with two hands is one of the primary reasons why they have flourished and developed over so many years, if not more.

instead of Balenciaga  handbags, use pockets

Women’s dresses grew wider in the 16th and 17th centuries, allowing them to store items in the skirts and inner pockets, which were frequently separate bags that could be removed rather than being sewn to the dress. Men’s pockets grew larger, which did encourage them to put items there rather than in a separate bag. Women no longer needed males to carry a fan or other item for them as these bags began to complete the costumes; instead, they began to appropriate purses for themselves. The bags around their wrists contributed to the liberation of women.


Women’s empowerment via handbags

Since 1805, when women started dressing in their undergarments as outerwear and showing greater creativity with their personal style, handbags have been a necessary item for every woman, every day. Men didn’t care about the accessories because they already had everything they needed in their pockets. At that time, the “imperial weekly gazette” stated that “women have pockets to wear in their hands, whereas males have their hands in their pockets so great.”


toward achieving women’s liberation

The bags were now large enough and useful to hold all goods, so there was no longer a need for you to ask your spouse to put anything in his pockets on your behalf. Nevertheless, was this the final step toward complete independence for women?

So why do ladies carry purses around these days? Having the same as men out of pure feminism? Did men become feeble to the point that they could no longer lift their own weight? Is our purse just a piece of fashion, and as one woman began, we all desired one?

Women seeking independence via their handbags, practical solutions, and style seem to be a whole mix of it in the history of fashion. Furthermore, who cares? We adore being female and adoring our purses. And whereas most guys bring bags to the office, we want to carry our purses around with us at all times. Handbags that are feminine, attractive, and fit our hectic lives while still representing our personalities and being gorgeous.

The latter is a fantastic method to give any appearance depth. However, there are a variety of accoutrements that may be transported, such a hand-fan, a cane, and an umbrella. What actually makes a statement and can alter with every outfit are bags. There is a bag for just about every daily activity, and they come in a variety of sizes, hues, textures, and designs.

Today, the typical woman owns six purses, and we believe we merit this small gift of freedom, don’t you?

The development of business bags

Looking back, you’ll notice that hunting bags from the middle ages were already sort of working bags—sure.  Business bags are simply bags for storing the items required to carry out a profession. The majority of them are masculine since that is still the traditional depiction of the working class.

Handbags in 20s

However, there have been some changes, such as the increase in the number of female assistants and secretaries in the early 20s. They need and desired a bag, and the first bags used by women in business were often square or envelope-shaped.

But after World War II, the bags underwent a change; they became larger and more practical. Men who went to battle left their occupations unfilled; women filled those roles while riding bicycles and carrying goods with their free hands. This served as the model for other work bag designs that are still in use today.

Bussiness bag in 80s

Another change for women’s business bags came in the 1980s: the requirement for a system.  One of the first to advocate for satellite bags, which had tiny bags inside of a larger one, was Donna Karen. Prada did introduce a nylon bag in 1985 that could house an office on the fly .

However, this was not the end of the tale; there have subsequently been several attempts to introduce business bags for women. In 2015, Taiseer and Ronja set out to locate a bag that was both useful and fashionable. But they were unable to find what they were seeking for. Most purses have either been too tiny or too macho, or not enough sophisticated in their design, to really fit a laptop. At this point, Bag Affair began.





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