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All about Android App Development from Scratch

android app development services is the most dominating operating system. Developing an app for this system offers numerous growth opportunities to business owners. Here are a few impressive statistics to prove it:

  • There are 2 billion android users worldwide
  • There are 2.65 million apps on the google play store
  • More than 111 billion app downloads took place in 2021
  • 48 billion dollars were generated from consumer spending on apps in 2021.

Building software for android devices is a great idea if you want to incentivize android’s success. Here is all you need to know if you are considering android for developing your software.

When should you develop an App for Android?

Developing an app for android sounds great. But you should not invest in software development until you are sure about it. You need to conduct proper research to evaluate the following:

  • Your business model
  • Your goals and agenda
  • Your resources
  • Your targeted audience
  • The existing market and competition within the market

You should only opt for android software development when you know most of your audience uses its devices only. Otherwise, the software may not be as profitable for you.

For example, 40% of the people in the US use android devices. While the rest 60% use apple. In this case, iOS software may be more useful and profitable.

Nonetheless, the success of your software also depends on its category. The most popular category of apps in 2022 was gaming apps, and it also generated millions of dollars through consumer spending.

Advantages of Android

  • Loyal customers: Android has loyal customers committed to using this operating system only and not switching to any other operating system, offering you loyal ready-made customers.
  • Cost-effective: Developing software for this operating system is more cost-effective than iOS software development because:
    • Lower cost of equipment – android devices are cheaper than apple
    • Free-of-cost toolkits are available for developing the software
    • Lower advertising budget – this results in a higher return on investment
  • Available over a very wide range of devices
  • The development process consumes lesser time
  • High-security: Google has raised the standards of security to make the software safer.
  • Way more flexible than apple, allowing you to be creative and innovative.

Disadvantages of Android

  • Too many devices make it hard to develop software with a good UX design for all the devices.
  • The open-source codes often make it vulnerable to security threats
  • Testing the software takes a lot of time because you need to make sure that the software works fine on a wide range of screens and devices.
  • Lower purchasing power: the purchasing power of android users is lower than apple users
  • If you are targeting only the American audience, then the majority of your audience is an apple user.

Latest Android Version

The latest version of this operating system is Android 12. This version was released in 2021 October. However, a lot of people still use older versions of the operating system. This information is important because then you need to ensure your app is compatible with the users’ version.

Coding Languages

You should be aware of the coding language for android app development. When hiring an android app development service, check if the developers are proficient in the required coding languages. The following are the most commonly used coding languages:

  1. Java: Java is one of the google’s official coding language. Most developers used Java until Kotlin was introduced. Nonetheless, Java continues to be one of the most popular languages among android app development services because:
    1. It’s stable
    2. It’s portable
    3. It allows multi-threading
    4. Supports the highly complex structure of the app.


  1. Kotlin: In 2017, Google made Kotlin the official coding language. This language is:
    1. Easy to learn and use
    2. Practical and faster
    3. Multipurpose/ Flexible
    4. Secure
    5. Stable
  2. C++: this language is useful for CPU-intensive apps such as gaming applications. However, C++ should not be used for the entire app development because it’s not very flexible, and using C++ may result in faulty software.

Tools Used for App Development:

Android app development services use some tools to ensure their app is well-performing and big-free. The three most common tools are as follows:

  1. Android Studio: This tool was created by google especially for software development. It has multiple features that allow the developers to test, optimize, monitor app performance, and compile codes. It reduces the room for any mistakes, thus, resulting in high-quality apps.
  2. GitHub: This tool is also widely used by developers. This tool enables to the team of developers to track changes and collaborate. It enables the coders to identify issues in their codes.
  3. Postman: Postman is widely used to build, test, and edit APIs.


Do proper research before investing your time and money in android software development. Analyze the risks and growth prospects. Hire a professional android app development service to develop an app that is secure, compatible with a range of devices, and of high quality.


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